It is an association of private law, constituted for an indefinite period, non-profit, of an organizational nature, philanthropic, with care work, promotional, recreational and educational, without die political or partisan, with the purpose of attending to all who go to it, independent of social class, nationality, gender, race, color or religious belief, within the Parish Saint Nicholas of Flue.

Founded on January 10, 2004, the parish Caritas has been doing a wonderful job as Maintainer the Project Guardian Angel that aims at countless principles together

with the Association, to know:

  • To realize studies referent to social question, educational and promotional searching the appropriate solutions for each situation;
  • To articulate the social and parish actions aiming at the realization adequate and coordinated work, rending them guidance and technical assistance, by means of advisory, training, supervision and evaluation;
  • To develop an initiative in the area of social assistance, basic education and human promotion;
  • To develop community projects of income generation for self-support members or community groups including the Caritas;
  • To make happen partnerships with public authorities and private initiative in the search for the necessary resources to maintenance of social projects;
  • To realize collection campaigns for maintenance of social projects;